"Our mission is helping local artists get their project on the stage. This happens solely with true grit, gifts, grants & donations from individuals, businesses and sponsors."

Current Projects

Patrice LeBlanc, Artistic Director


Mary Scott, Theatrical Workshop Director

Call: 303-775-2752

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Getting it on Stage.

Board of Directors-

President- Carl Dixon

Vice President- Dave Brandl

Secretary- Mary Scott

Treasurer- Glenn Alsup

CHIMP (CHildren's IMProvisation) Theater Workshop

CHIMP works in conjunction with the Performing Arts Project to present opportunities for artistic expression through the performing arts, enriching our culture and community to affect social change.

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Jazz at the Point

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Upcoming Concerts TBA

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For more information about "Jazz At The Point" contact Patrice LeBlanc

Artistic Director at Performing Arts Project and Crossroads Theater- 303-909-9754

The Jazz Youth Workshop at Crossroads Theater

“Jazz At The Point” is a monthly jazz series at Crossroads Theater, brought to you by Performing Arts Project. Each month local jazz artists are featured at the concerts. The programs will also include performances by student musicians from the Denver metro area. The purpose of these concerts is to continue the tradition of jazz in the Five Points area, in addition, to raise funds for The Jazz Youth Workshop beginning in Sept. 2014.

You can help make these programs a success by joining other generous community members and businesses by sponsoring the “Jazz at the Point” concert series. Donations and sponsorships are tax deductible. In-kind donations are also accepted and will be assessed on their monetary value. Please contact Patrice LeBlanc at patrice@patriceleblanc.com